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Motor Bikes & Cars Paint Protection Film, Chelmsford

Protect your paintwork from stone chips, scuffs and scratches!

With the increase of deteriorating road conditions, vehicle owners are finding that vulnerable areas of their cars and motor bikes are being damaged by road debris. The result of this type of impact damage leaves many areas of the vehicle looking unsightly which in turn affects the value of your prized possession.

Motor Bikes & Cars Paint Protection Film, Chelmsford

The paint protection film we apply is a clear film and so therefore virtually invisible!

We buy this film from a top quality supplier who originates Paint Protection Film kits compromising individual optically clear film components that adhere to the paintwork on the chosen area of your vehicle or motorbike most suspectible to stone damage.

Defendall Film kits are precision cut to match exactly the contours of your vehicle.

If you have a motorbike then the areas that are filmed for protection are front fenders, fairings, rear body work, tanks and other areas exposed to possible chipping.

If you have a car then you may be interested in having vulnerable areas protected such as the sills and load space in the boot area.

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